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Tai Chi in Motion

The history of Yangjia Michuan Taiji Quan

Prochain atelier

Actuellement, aucun atelier décalé n'est prévu.

Dernier atelier

28 et 29 janvier 2023

Le thème choisi est celui que le Collège a proposé pour l'année en cours : « Applications martiales dans le Yangja Michuan Taichi Chuan ».

The practice

The practice of Taiji quan consists of several parts such as basic exercises, form, technical applications,
pushing hands, meditation, weapons.

The basic exercises, performed prior to any practice have a role in warming up, traning flexibility and rooting, helping to develop balance, coordination, breathing and internal force. They also procede in a form of ritual that allows practicioners to enter gradually in phase with the discipline.

The form is a sequence of movements performed slowly, in harmony with the breath, aiming to achieve control of the breath and harmonization of the entire body. Each movement has a martial meaning.

The technical applications - Yongfa - consist in putting into practice, with a partner, the movements of the form following precise principles and methods of transformation of the gesture.

Pushing hands - Tuishou - is a fine application of the principles of Taiji quan. About twenty exercises prepare for this pracice that uses listening, intention, internal energy, following the principles of yin and yang, empty and full.

Daoist meditation - Neigong - is an internal work using the mind «yi» to circulate the energy in the body, resulting in beneficial effects on health and mental faculties.

The Weapons are represented by the fan, the sword and the pole according to the teaching of Master Wang Yen-nien. The sabre, the stick and other weapons were introduced by some teachers to enrich the style. The practice of these weapons is in the spirit of Taiji quan, with circular movements, in harmony with the breath, focusing on the sensation  of the «qi». The fundamental principles of Taijiquan are respected and valued in  the practice with a partner.

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